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Priorities of the Sioux Valley High School Football Program (in order):

1.  Create outstanding young men.

2.  Create outstanding students.

3.  Create outstanding football players.

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1. Be the most explosive and aggressive team in all of South Dakota.

2.  Be the most focused team; both practice & games.

3. State Champions

Actions which will help us accomplish our goals:

 Stay competitive in the off-season by going out for other sports and activities.

Focus in the weight room.

Be accountable for teammates’ attendance in the weight room.

Everyone needs to put their time in, in and out of season to be successful.

Expect more from the coaches, they work for us.

All Sioux Valley Cossack Football Players Are Expected To Be:

Selfless    Trustworthy

Dedicated    Energetic    Confident

Love to Compete

-Cossack Football Unity Council


Coach Hughes’s Goals for 2019
1. Be the Most Positive Coach in South Dakota
2. Have the Most Organized & Intense Practices in South Dakota
3. Coordinate the most explosive & dynamic offense in the state.

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Coaching Staff



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