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2013-14 Sioux Valley Report Card

September 24, 2014

As the start of the new school year is upon us, we would like to share some information about how our students and schools are doing in the areas of student achievement.  As some of you may know, the state of South Dakota has recently changed the way student achievement is calculated and considered.  More emphasis has been placed on how students are growing academically throughout the entire school year, instead of how they perform on a test one time a year.  This new system is being put in place a piece at a time with input from the United States Department of Education and other educational groups.

Until this system is fully in place, our school district and students will be assessed on the spring 2014 Dakota STEP Science test scores.  These scores, along with other information, are being used to help determine a School Performance Index or SPI that allows our schools to be compared to others in the state.  Beginning the spring of 2015, our students will be taking the Smarter Balanced Math and Reading Test, which will be administered completely online. The 2015 Smarter Balanced results will be the baseline to which Sioux Valley will assess progress. It is very important to note that the results of the Smarter-Balanced Test should not be compared to past math and reading Dakota Step scores. They are two completely different assessments which are scored entirely differently.

Detailed reports of how all students in South Dakota scored may be found on the Department of Education’s Webpage http://doe.sd.gov/reportcard/index.aspx (State and Local Report Card).  These reports also include state and local level results of the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP). This assessment compares students across the United States.

If you have questions regarding  the South Dakota Report Card, please contact Supt. Oster, Mrs. Beito, or Mrs. Miller at Sioux Valley School 605-627-5657.